Ergonomic work chairs

Our ergonomic working chairs and stools each contribute in their own way to your comfort and health while sitting. Wondering which type, size and mechanism suits you best? Find our complete range here.

From the hygienic upholstery you can clean with disinfectants to the soft polyurethane you sit on so comfortably. And from ergonomic armrests to foot controls to keep your hands sterile. When design-ing our working chairs we have thought of everything that makes a chair ideal for industrial work-places and laboratories.

Practical and ergonomic

The Score at Work, our Medical Line, the Spirit and Ergo Support are all examples of ultimate work-ing chairs that do what it says on the tin. You can sit on them ergonomically, you can work longer and more enjoyably, you are supported in every conceivable way so that you experience less physi-cal strain, and the chairs are highly practical to use too. Perfect for professions that involve a lot of intensive work and sometimes require concentration for long periods.

Ergo Support

Are you an endodontist, a microsurgeon, or do you work with specific laboratory settings? If so, be sure to take a look at our Ergo Support. We have developed them especially for this kind of special-ised profession.