Ergonomic standing aids

Do you like to alternate sedentary work with standing work? Or do you have a profession where you work standing for a long time? A high chair, adjustable in height, offers just that little bit of support you need.

What is a standing aid?

A sit-stand stool is also known as a sit/stand stool, a standing/sitting stool, sit/stand aid or simply a standing stool. The name says it all: you can easily alternate between standing and sitting. The sit-stand stool is suitable for people with a variety of professions, such as security guards, desk staff or office staff.


What are the benefits?

When you use an ergonomic sit-stand stool, it has several advantages. Sitting or standing for long periods of time can make you very tired. The standing aid ensures that you adopt an active posture and still experience support. This results in less fatigue and better concentration. In addition, the alternation between sitting and standing prevents stiffness and annoying pain. It reduces pressure on the lower back and stimulates blood circulation. Another advantage is that the standing aid takes up little space and can be easily stored. It can also be used for various purposes.


Score's sit-stand stools

Sitting a lot or standing for a long time without being able to walk is very taxing on your body. In order to be able to work as relaxed as possible while standing, we have developed the Score sit-stand stools. Here are some of the features of our ergonomic sit-stand stools:

  1. Height adjustable
    Because the sit-stand stools are adjustable in height, you can adjust them exactly to your needs.

  2. With comfortable seat
    The seat of the ergonomic sit-stand stool offers the comfort you need on long working days.

  3. Compact
    Our sit-stand stools are compactly built, so they are also ideal for places with little legroom. In addition, you can easily store them.

  4. Firmly
    Despite their compact construction, the sit-stand stools are very solid. You can either sit on it or lean on it half-standing.

  5. Made of sustainable materials
    The polyurethane (PU) seat is super hard-wearing and easy to clean.

  6. Available in various variants
    We offer various sit-stand stools, each with its own height range. This way, you can choose the perfect sit-stand stool that suits your height and worktop height.

  7. Versatile
    Due to the sturdy materials and various sizes, our sit-stand stools are suitable for any workspace.

Score Sit-stand stool 232

The Score sit-stand stool 232 is compact and height-adjustable. You can easily vary from 65 to 90 centimeters. Both the aluminium base and the polyurethane (PU) seat are black in colour. The seat can be tilted, so that you can also lean against it half-standing. We always have the Score standing aid 232 in stock, so we can deliver it super fast!


Score Sit-stand stool 2232

This sit-stand stool is equipped with an adjustable seat angle, so you can both sit on it and lean against it while standing. The height is adjustable from 67 to 92 centimeters and the base and seat are black in colour. What makes this standing aid extra special is the robust base: with a diameter of 67 centimeters, it is impossible to tip over. The perfect support during your long working days!

The Score sit-stans stool 2232 is also available in an ESD variant. It has a variable height of 60 to 85 centimetres and is antistatic and highly conductive. This makes the standing aid suitable for ESD-safe areas.


Score sit-stand stool Steady

Our Steady sit-stand stool is adjustable in height (66 to 83 centimeters), has an adjustable seat angle and is black in colour. The base is foldable, so you can easily take this handy stool with you wherever you go and clean it up easily. In addition, this standing aid is always in stock, so we can deliver it super fast!


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