Ergonomic sit-stand stools

Do you enjoy alternating sitting and standing work? Or do you have a profession in which you work standing up for long periods of time? For the security guard in a museum, as a desk clerk or of course at the office, there is Score's ergonomic standing aid. A high, height-adjustable chair that offers just that little bit of support you need.

Stand relaxed

Besides the fact that working standing has advantages compared to sitting, it can still be quite stressful for your body. Especially if you can hardly walk. To make working while standing as relaxed and healthy as possible, we have developed the Score Stand-up Aid.

Sitting and standing

The Standing Chair is also ideal for workstations with little legroom. They are compactly built but sturdy enough to both sit on and half-stand half-sit on. We have several variants, each with its own height range, suitable for people of different heights and for different working heights. In addition, the polyurethane (PU) seat is not only comfortable but also super hard-wearing and easy to clean. Ideal for a wide range of workstations!

Find your ideal seating solution

Besides our standing aids, we have many more seating solutions! Check out our saddle chairs and office chairs here. Or maybe the triple chair will suit you much better! We are also happy to help you find the right seating solution with our decision aid.