Ergonomic home office chairs and stools

In the office, you often have things well organised. The monitor at the right height, a good office chair and a height-adjustable desk. Yet nowadays it happens more and more often that you work form home a few days a week. This makes the home office more important than ever. At Score, we are therefore happy to help you work here as healthily and comfortably as possible.

Out of proportion

Not everyone has a separate office or workspace to work quietly at home. As a result, the kitchen table remains a popular home worplace. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it still often results in regular neck, shoulder and back complaints due to the lack of an ergonomic (properly adjusted) office chair. This, combined with the lack of a proper monitor at height, causes you to sit crookedly. Not quite the right posture!


Always a suitable office chair

Unfortunately, your ordinary dining chair is not up to several hours of screen work. When you spend many working hours sitting, it is important that you can easily change your posture. A good chair therefore always has a sturdy and safe construction and a seat and backrest large enough for your posture. You should have room to shift your position regularly. That ensures extra sitting comfort.

We have developed no less than seventeen different office chairs especially for your (home) work, so there is certainly one suits you on all fronts. Whether you work at home or at the office.