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At Score, we understand that every industry has unique needs when it comes to sitting. Whether you work in (oral) healthcare, medical, industrial or office, we believe everyone has the right to ergonomic and healthy sitting. That's why we have specially designed seating solutions for these four industries.


What do you need when you often sit for long periods of time and have to twist yourself into awkward positions to do your job properly? A chair or saddle chair that helps you do this, of course. But not every seating solution is up to this challenges. At Score, we have a range of ergonomic working chairs and stools that are. We have listed them here for you.

Everything for Dental

A medical environment requires specific seating solutions. For the healthcare professional, for the patient and to make certain medical procedures easier to perform. The materials must also be extremely hygienic. At Score this all comes together. From saddle chair to tabouret and from office room chair to phlebotomy chair: they are ready for you.

All for Medical

Robust materials, easy-to-clean upholstery, in short: chairs that can have quite a lot. And they have to, in an industrial environment. Because that's no place for a fancy designer working chair. That's where you need strong, solid chairs that you can adjust quickly and easily for the ideal support for your body. And that is possible with Score's seating solutions. You can find them all here.

Everything for Industry

A chair that perfectly supports your body while working not only makes you more comfortable, it also prevents physical complaints in the long term. And that is important, especially at the office. Score has everything to offer you, the seating solution that fits you perfectly, with all forms of support you could wish for. All you have to do is choose!

Everything for Office

Ergonomic and healthy sitting for every industry

So many professions, so many seating solutions. Because a chair that supports you really well at work is really essential, but not every chair is suitable for every industry. In a working day, you spend many hours sitting and in some sectors, the furniture has to meet very specific requirements. But whether you work on the assembly line or behind the cash register, are an office worker or (oral) healthcare professional, work in industry or in a laboratory: at Score, we believe that everyone should be able to sit in a healthy position. Whatever you do, wherever you work.


Every work environment its own furniture

One universal work chair, perfect for every working environment, does not exist. After all, different conditions apply to a chair in a workshop than to a cashier's or office chair. We have therefore developed ergonomic seating solutions for both office and industry, education and (oral) healthcare. Solutions that may or may not meet high hygienic and/or ESD requirements, with a normal seat or saddle seat, compact and manoeuvrable or, on the contrary, very extensive with adjustable back and armrests and/or leg rests, in different upholstery in various colours and which are also perfectly comfortable. We have thought of every possible specific requirement. This way, we make sure that you can work energetically and relaxed and focus on your work. We've got your back!