A footrest is indispensable for a healthy sitting posture if you are shorter or have a high workplace. Dangling feet above the floor not only causes an unhealthy sitting posture, they also cost you a lot of energy. Isn't that a shame? That is exactly why we have developed a number of strong footrests that are suitable for a variety of work environments. From education to hospitals.

Varied and user-friendly

Our footrests are not only practical, durable and comfortable but also hugely user-friendly. Exactly as you would expect from Score. We have with round and rectangular footboard, super basic with adjustable height and inclination and very extensive with non-slip footboard and foot control. We can even supply an ESD variant!

Prevent restless legs

Whichever footrest you choose, they all ensure a good, healthy sitting posture so that you can sit up straight, perform your work better and no longer suffer from 'restless legs'. That works a lot better!

Find your ideal seating solution

Also a matching chair or saddle stool with your footrest? Check out our saddle chairs and office chairs here. Or maybe the tripod chair will suit you much better! Find out which seating solution suits you with our decision aid.