Create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace with Score's footrests. A footrest is essential for a healthy sitting posture, regardless of your stature or the height of your workspace. Prolonged sitting in an office chair can be uncomfortable, and using a footrest under the desk can help reduce tension in your lower body. Whether you work in healthcare, in an office, or in the industry, you'll find suitable footrests for every work environment with us!

Why is a footrest important?

A healthy sitting posture does not include feet dangling above the floor. This takes a lot of energy. Moreover, it is not good for blood circulation and can cause restless legs. You will then get an unpleasant feeling, tingling or tickling in the lower legs. With a footrest you can sit upright. This prevents pain in the back and legs and improves concentration. 


The benefits of a Score footrest

At Score, we always work with high-quality materials. All our footrests are equipped with a wear-resistant non-slip footboard. In this way, you not only work safely, but also sustainably. We offer various footrests with different height adjustments. That way you always have the right height and angle of inclination. We also supply our footrests in ESD-safe variants. These are antistatic, highly conductive, moisture-repellent and easy to clean. Our footrests are therefore suitable for any workspace. Whether you work at home, in the office, in a hospital, in a laboratory or in industry.

In addition, we always work with you as an end user in mind. We strive to make our products as user-friendly as possible. For example, most of our footrests are equipped with a special control, which allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of inclination with one foot.


Which one is right for you?

At Score, you can choose from a wide range of footrests. So there is always one that perfectly matches your needs. Would you like to be advised? Our experts are ready to help you. You can easily make an appointment here.

Our models:

Score Basic 950

This footrest is practical, compact, durable and robust. It is adjustable in height (5 to 23 centimeters) and is equipped with a wear-resistant non-slip footboard. You can also easily adjust the angle of inclination. The Score Basic 950 is simple and reliable. Thanks to the combination of steel and impact-resistant plastic (ABS), it will last a long time. It is also available in an ESD-safe version: antistatic and highly conductive.


Score Basic 952

The Score Basic 952 is a bit larger and has a higher adjustment range than the Basic 950, namely 8 to 29 centimeters. This is a true classic among footrests: we have already sold hundreds of thousands of them worldwide! This footrest can also be operated with one foot. Ideal!


Score Pro 952

This is the improved successor to the Score Basic 952. Even more user-friendly than its popular predecessor. You can easily adjust the angle of inclination and height (8 to 30 centimeters) with one foot. This way you can sit ergonomically at any workplace. In the ESD-safe version (anti-static and highly conductive), it is also suitable for ESD-safe workspaces.


Score Pro 959

This footrest offers all the comforts of the Score Pro 952. However, this variant is larger and has a higher adjustment range (9 to 37 centimeters). There is also an ESD-safe variant. The Pro 959 is therefore suitable for all workplaces. Whether you're working from home, in the office, in a hospital, or in an ESD-safe space.


Score Discus 250 T

Practical and beautiful. With its round shape, the Score Discus 250 T is an attractive design footrest. With the help of the gas lift, you can easily adjust the height between 15 and 25 centimeters. In addition, you can easily adjust the angle of inclination. This footrest is easy to use, safe and durable, with a hard-wearing non-slip footboard.


Want to try it yourself?

An ergonomic footrest from Score can make a significant difference in improving your sitting posture. Go for comfort and higher productivity by supporting your feet while sitting. This also prevents annoying back problems and fatigue. Our footrests not only offer ergonomic benefits: they are also durable and adaptable to any working environment. A smart choice for upgrading your workplace.


Other seating solutions from Score

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