Ergonomic chairs and stools for industrial workplaces

Even in industry, you want to be able to sit well, but you can't just put just any chair down. We understand that at Score. That is why we have also developed seating solutions for these environments that meet all specific requirements.

Robust working chairs

Robust working chairs that are perfect for demanding work in laboratories and for the whole range of industrial workplaces. They are resistant to chemicals and are easy to keep clean. Polyurethane, for example, or beech. Whether you are behind the cash register or on the assembly line, working in a clean room or ESD room or in the office. These are chairs that can take a beating and are still comfortable to sit on after hours of work. So you can do your work without any worries.


Perfect for industry

Office chairs, standing aids, saddle chairs and even footrests. At Score, we have an extensive range of seating solutions that are perfect for the industrial working environment and laboratories. Especially thanks to our conductive ESD components and upholstery and HEPA filter, to reduce the emission of dust particles. This way you work safely, cleanly and ergonomically.


ESD safe chairs

Especially in the industrial working environment, damage caused by electrostatic discharge, also known as Electro Static Discharge (ESD), can have a major impact on daily operations. For example, if you touch an ESD-sensitive component, the discharge can release small shocks. For us, this is often harmless, but for electronic components it can lead to short circuits or short interruptions resulting in high repair and/or replacement costs and unreliable products. That’s why Score has a complete line of ESD safe chairs, which can be fitted with a resistance of 1Mohm for controlled discharge. With our conductive components and upholstery, you prevent damaged parts and mounting costs and can continue to do your work carefree!