Ergonomic office chair

Perhaps the most commonly used work chair: the office chair. We sit on it for hours every day. It is therefore very important that we do this in an ergonomically responsible way. With Score's high-quality office chairs, you can maintain a healthy sitting posture. That way you work focused and you avoid annoying pain. No matter what industry you work in, you will find an office chair that suits you perfectly!

What is an ergonomic office chair?

The name says it all: an ergonomic office chair is an office chair that is made to sit well. This involves maintaining a healthy posture. Ergonomic office chairs provide the right support for your back, neck and shoulders, arms and legs. In this way, you put as little strain on the muscles and joints as possible and stimulate blood circulation. This promotes concentration and prevents annoying fatigue and pain.


Working responsibly with Score office chairs

Do you have to sit for long periods of time during your work? Are you often tired or do you suffer from back problems? Then a good ergonomic office chair is definitely worth the investment.

At Score, we have years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality seating solutions. Score offers a range consisting of various office chairs, so there is always one that perfectly suits you!


Discover the range

Score offers an extensive range of office chairs. We have no less than seventeen different types, which are also available in different versions. The office chairs are of unparalleled quality and suitable for a variety of workplaces.


Our office chairs are:

√ Ergonomic

√ Height adjustable

√ Made of high-quality material


They are available...

... with fixed or adjustable seat angle

... with or without castors

... with or without armrests

... in various colours

... with different types of upholstery

... with or without footring


Office chairs for every industry

Wherever you work, Score offers office chairs that suit you perfectly! We are specialists in the field of office chairs for the medical sector, oral care professionals and industrial and office staff. 



Do you work in the medical sector? Then an ergonomic seating solution is of great importance. You don't want to strain your back and mobility is also important. So choose an office chair that offers the right support for you. For example, do you want armrests or do you need to be able to move freely?

Are you (also) looking for other seating solutions for the medical sector? You can find them here.



Ergonomic office chairs are essential for the design of your dental practice. For example, front desk staff sit in one place for long working hours. It is important for their health that they receive the right support. A good sitting posture promotes concentration and prevents unpleasant pain.

Take a look at our other seating solutions for the dental industry.



Do you work from home or at the office? Wherever you sit at your desk, an ergonomic office chair is indispensable. These will help you get through the long days. They ensure a healthy sitting posture and prevent all kinds of physical discomfort. Do you want to work responsibly or are you an employer and do you want to invest in the well-being of your staff? Then our office chairs are absolutely recommended.

Do you want to set up your (home) office completely ergonomically? Check out our other seating solutions for office spaces here.



For industrial workspaces and laboratories, safety is essential. That's why Score has developed ergonomic office chairs that not only promote a healthy posture, but are also suitable for ESD-safe areas and cleanrooms. We use materials that are resistant to chemicals and easy to disinfect.

Is an office chair not the solution you are looking for? Then take a look at the rest of our range for the industrial sector.


For employers

Are you a purchaser, employer, facility manager or ergonomist? Are you fighting absenteeism and productivity? In short, are you responsible for the well-being of colleagues, customers or employees? Then it is essential to provide ergonomic seating solutions. Contact us for tailor-made advice.


Over Score

For almost 50 years, we have been ensuring that people can work responsibly and comfortably, thanks to our ergonomic seating solutions. We develop and produce these in our factory in Tolbert. We pay attention to your personal situation and put together the perfect seating solution.

In addition to our ergonomic office chairs, we also provide:


Work chairs

Sit stand stools

Saddle chairs

Leg rests


Mobility work chairs

Phlebotomy chairs


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