Ergonomic office chairs

It is perhaps one of the most used items in the office, the office chair on which we carry out our work every day. We sit an awful lot, all of us. So you'd better make sure you're sitting properly, right? At Score, we like to help you with this.

Score moves with you

Those who sit properly keep up their work for longer. Also in the long run, because a healthy sitting posture can prevent many physical complaints. Although we all actually know this, it is often easier said than done. Unless you have a chair that moves with you and that you can easily adjust to your posture. That's why you choose Score. Because we have developed no less than seventeen different office chairs especially for your work, so you're sure to find one that suits you on all fronts. Whether you work at home, in the factory or in the office. We always have an office chair to suit you.

Find your ideal seating solution

Want to find out if a different seating solution suits you better? Check out our saddle chairs here. Or maybe the standing seat will suit you much better! In addition, we are happy to help you find the right seating solution with our decision aid.