Ergonomic working chairs for beauty care

Whether you are a hairdresser, beautician, pedicurist or tattooist. During your daily work, you make a lot of hours sitting and you continuously move around your clients for the best result. This is precisely why a good working chair and optimal working posture is extra important for you. A wrong treatment set-up combined with your minute-by-minute precision operations and a long static working posture will soon cause you to adopt a bent and asymmetrical posture for a long time. This results in possible neck, shoulder and back complaints. At Score, we are happy to help give you the working comfort you deserve!

Active and comfortable sitting position

In the beauty industry, precision operations require a stable sitting position. A good working chair forms the basis. It should perfectly suit your body and posture, but also the tasks you perform every day. At Score, we therefore have working chairs and stools that can be adapted to this. This way you can work actively and comfortably, without physical irritations, muscle strain and tiredness during and after your work.


Responsible and agile

A Score working chair or stool allows your back to relax naturally. This is not only good for your breathing but also for your blood circulation and digestion. Because you can quickly and easily change positions and sit more relaxed, your work costs you less energy so that you can last longer. This way you can concentrate longer during your work, pay more attention to your clients and enjoy your activities in your free time full of energy. Another way of working and living.