Hairdressing stools for an ergonomic posture

Do you work as a hairdresser, beautician, tattoo artist or pedicure? In short, do you perform your work while sitting, but do you also have to be mobile at the same time? Then good support for your body is of great importance. After all, you want to prevent annoying pain. A healthy posture is essential for your well-being. This way you can continue to enjoy your work!

Working comfortably with an ergonomic hairdressing stool

During your day-to-day work, you work a lot of chair hours. At the same time, as a hairdresser, you are constantly moving around your customers. A good hairdresser's stool and an optimal working posture are therefore extra important to you. An incorrect set-up in combination with long precision operations and a static posture can lead to prolonged bent and asymmetrical postures. This can cause painful neck, shoulder, and back pain. At Score , we offer the comfort you deserve!

Our seating solutions for hairdressers

Score has a variety of seating solutions for hairdressers and others with professions in the beauty industry. Think of saddle stools, stools and footrests. So you will always find a product that suits you. All our seating solutions are ergonomic. That means they are easy to adjust to your body, allowing you to adopt the right posture.

The advantages of an ergonomic posture:

  1. Relaxed muscles
  2. Better breathing
  3. Good blood circulation
  4. Less likely to tire
  5. Prevention of pain
  6. Better concentration

Hairdresser's bikes

The hairdresser's bike is also known as the saddle stool for hairdressers (or barber's saddle stool). The name says it all: it has a saddle-shaped seat. It is not surprising that the saddle stool is often referred to as a hairdresser's bike. This is extremely popular among hairdressers. This is because the stool is super manoeuvrable and encourages a comfortable ergonomic posture. You move easily around your customers. The saddle-shaped seat creates an open hip angle and relaxes your back while you sit actively.



Prefer a flat seat instead of a saddle seat? Then a stool is perfect for you! Of course, this is also ergonomic and fully equipped. For example, some stools are available with a special balance mechanism, which strengthens your core. They are also adjustable in height and you can choose from various materials and colours.


Hairdressing stools with castors

Both our stools and ergonomic stools are available with castors. In this way, the ergonomic stool is easy and quick to move. You often have a choice of the type of castor, so that it is suitable for your floor. Think of hard castors for a soft surface and soft castors for a hard surface. Braked-loaded castors are also an option. These are castors where the brake is activated as soon as you take a seat on the crank.


Hairdressing stools with backrest

Would you like an extra helping hand? Some of our hairdressing stools are equipped with a backrest, pelvic or lumbar support. This is often adjustable in height and depth, so that you are supported in exactly the right place. That way you can sit relaxed and do your work easily.

Score: reliable quality

With almost 50 years of experience, we know better than anyone how to create ergonomic seating solutions. We use durable and high-quality materials. For hairdressing stools, for example, we use hard-wearing and easy-to-clean upholstery. Very handy. Thanks to the adjustable parts and extra options, the stools can be fully adjusted to your body. In addition, they are available in various colours, so that they completely match your style and the interior of your barbershop.