Ergonomic chairs and stools for laboratories

Laboratory work is a profession in its own right. It demands a lot from the people who perform it. Not only is your concentration very important, the work is also physically intensive and often a combination of sitting and standing. And that’s is all apart from all the safety and hygiene requirements imposed on laboratories.

Complete line

With this information and conditions in mind, we have developed a complete line of working chairs that is perfect for a laboratory environment. And when we say complete, we really mean complete.


High-quality and hygienic

From tabourettes to saddle chairs to work chairs, all ergonomically designed, equipped with handy accessories, suitable for the most extreme and long-term precision work and, of course, made of the highest quality, durable, hard-wearing and hygienic materials. You can even use chlorine or hydrogen peroxide solutions if necessary. Ideal right? Score thinks along with you!