Anyone looking for our brochures, manuals, assembly instructions or video or photo material, you can find it here. You can view, print and possibly download the files.

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Looking for a brochure for a specific product? Then take a look in this category.

Here you will find folders for a specific product, so you might find the one you are looking for here.

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Would you like to know which products we have for the Dental, Medical, Industry or Office market? Or would you like to know more about ESD work chairs, saddle chairs or for example footrests? Then take a look at our extensive industry brochures or product brochures.

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Documentation medical products

Every medical device is required to have a clear label and instructions for use. This makes it possible to recognise the device and its manufacturer, and so the device is safe and can be used properly. The documentation can be found here.

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Sometimes it's useful to know how to adjust a chair or stool. Which lever does exactly what? And then it is annoying if you don't have any handy information available. We have various manuals for different work chairs and stools.

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Assembly instructions

How was it done? We often want to try things out for ourselves, but sometimes an instruction is useful. And in order not to spoil the happiness at work, we have various handy assembly instructions. To get you started.

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Other documents

Some documents are difficult to describe and cannot be summarised in one word. What do you call a fabric chart or an overview of Stamskin colours? And precisely those documents fall into this category and can be found here.

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Instructional videos

A video showing how something works or how to put something together is sometimes just a little bit more helpful than a booklet. Because how exactly was it done? And because not everyone likes to read, we also have certain instructions in handy videos.

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