Oral healthcare professionals Amazone, Jumper & Apical

As an oral healthcare professionals, you are best placed on the chairs of Score, such as our Score Amazone Balance Alba, Score Jumper Balance Alba or Score Apical. These offer both comfort and room to move. You can easily work around patients in different positions, without overloading your body. Prevent back problems and choose an ergonomic seating solution from Score!

Ergonomics in oral care

Did you know that as many as 70% of oral care professionals experience back problems? As a a dental care specialist, you twist yourself into all kinds of difficult corners. Our ergonomic chairs and stools, such as the Score Amazone Balance Alba, Score Jumper Balance Alba of Score Apical, offer the comfort you need. These seating solutions encourage a healthy posture and support your body in the right way. As a result, unwanted tension does not build up in your muscles. This reduces the risk of back, neck and shoulder complaints.


Our Score Apical, Score Amazone Balance Alba and Score Jumper Balance Alba are ideal for dentists. You sit comfortably, even for longer periods of time. In addition, you can easily change positions and move effortlessly through the workspace.


Score Amazone Balance Alba -

All-time favourite

The Score Amazone is extremely popular. The ergonomic stool has a comfortable saddle seat. This seat encourages an active posture, while the muscles are not overloaded. For work as a dental care specialist, the Score Amazone Balance Alba is ideal. The saddle stool is equipped with a special balance mechanism, which allows the seat to move subtly. This is useful when you have to work from different positions. That way, you can still maintain a healthy posture.


Score Jumper Balance Alba - a saddle chair with a wider seat

The Score Jumper Balance Alba is very similar to the Score Amazone Balance Alba. The difference is in the size of the seat. The Jumper has a wider seat. As a result, your legs are a little further apart. The saddle stool is available in various colours. The upholstery is made of durable and moisture-repellent Stamskin. Perfect for dental practices!


Score Apical: the dentist work chair

The Score Apical has been specially designed by ergonomists for dentists. This chair complies with the official standards for dental work chairs (ISO 7493:2006). The Score Apical supports the natural curve of the spine. This prevents unpleasant complaints, such as back pain. In addition, it is equipped with a pelvic support. This ensures that you don't sit crooked. You can easily mount the Score Apical and easily adjust the seat height, back height, and back angle.


Which seating solution is best for me?

Do you want to know which seating solution suits you best? Then use our decision aid for free. In addition, our experts are ready to provide you with sound advice. Whether you go for the Amazone, Jumper or Apical: you will enjoy working as a dentist again!