Dental workchair and (saddle) chair

As a dental care professional, you regularly have to twist and turn in difficult positions. Studies show that up to 70% of dental care professionals regularly have back problems. Our ergonomic seating solutions including the Score Apical dental work chair, designed by ergonomists, prevents these complaints. The chair promotes an ergonomic sitting position, supporting the natural S-curve of the spine.

For those who want a comfortable and dynamic working position, the Score saddle stools such as the Score Amazone and Jumper are ideal. The unique Balance mechanism that moves with you in the same direction relieves the strain on your back, neck and shoulders. Thanks to the shape of the saddle, you automatically adopt an ergonomic working posture. This keeps you energetic and focused on your patients. Experience it yourself!

The importance of ergonomics in dental care

Sitting ergonomically so you can work comfortably and feel fit and flexible. That is our goal.  Prevent back, neck and shoulder complaints, because as a dental care professional, you regularly have to twist and turn in difficult positions in order to do your job properly. So an ergonomic chair or saddle stool that supports you well is absolutely essential. Even for longer periods at a time they provide your body with the right support so you can easily change position or move around the workspace.

The Score Apical for a natural ergonomic sitting posture

The Score Apical was developed together with ergonomists according to the official standard for dental work chairs. The result is a work chair that helps you to automatically adopt an ergonomic sitting position, which reduces neck, shoulder and back pains. An additional advantage is that you can easily assemble the Score Apical without any tools. With our chair, it is a matter of adjust the settings and you're ready to go. Ready, sit, go!

With the Score Saddle Stools, you experience a dynamic form of sitting

The Score Apical is not the only work chair we have in store for dental practices. Our Score Saddle Stools also contribute to comfortable and dynamic working in dental practices. On the ergonomically shaped saddle seat, you automatically assume a healthy sitting position when your feet are firmly on the floor. Your back relaxes in a natural way, which not only improves your breathing but is also good for your circulation and digestion. And you're also very mobile on a saddle chair. The Score Jumper and Score Amazone are our saddle chair super stars.

Stay energised and concentrated

With our ergonomic seating solutions, you will stay energetic and focused on your patients as a dental care professional. Invest in your own well-being and comfort with the Score Apical dental work chair and Score Dental saddle stools. Whether you sit on a saddle stool or a chair, when you sit properly and your body gets the support it needs, you can relax longer and no unwanted tension builds up in your muscles. So you reduce the risk of back, neck and shoulder pain. They offer you the right support. We've got your back!