That's why you choose Score

We are proud to help working people around the world every day with a seating solution. But why should you choose a Score chair or stool? We are happy to explain!

Service and warranty

Score chairs are not just any chairs. We make them in our own factory in Tolbert, in The Netherlands, with craftsmanship and sustainable materials. From Tolbert, our working chairs and accessories are exported to more than 40 countries. They have been awarded at home and abroad. Because we are convinced of the quality, we supply our chairs with a 5-year guarantee as standard. You can find the conditions on our website.

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Extensive dealer network

We are a manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions and related accessories and we only supply them nationally and internationally through selected dealers. These dealers are located throughout the Netherlands and abroad and in most cases have an extensive collection of showroom models. They are also familiar with industry-specific requirements. Well-trained workplace advisors at Score can advise on the best seating solution for your specific workplace in consultation with the Score dealer.

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Fast delivery programme

Need an ergonomic working chair or saddle chair fast? No problem, we get right into action. Through our special fast delivery programme, we can ship a selection of seating solutions that are in high demand within as little as 3 working days. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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Trial period

See an interesting seating solution? Ask your dealer about the possibilities to try out a product.

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You're also welcome to visit our showroom, which makes it very easy to compare a number of different seating solutions. If you make an appointment in advance, our experts will be happy to discuss all the advantages and features of the products you're interested in.

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Own product development and production

In our own factory, our technical experts work with great precision on our self-developed products. And because the factory and our office are located right next to each other, the lines of communication between product developers and production staff are short and we can communicate quickly with dealers and customers. So we all put our heart and soul into developing new seating solutions that meet current ergonomic standards, while keeping everything under our own control. We enjoy working together and being inspired, but we are also specialists and convinced of our craftsmanship. We sail our own course.