Chairs and stools for vaccination sites

Not only during the corona pandemic, but also during other important moments in our lives, we benefit from several vaccinations that protect us against infectious diseases. Our National Vaccination Programme is designed in such a way that our population is optimally and long-term protected at the right time. For instance, our youngest children receive the MMR shot (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) and our adolescents can be vaccinated against HPV to prevent cervical cancer, among other things. To keep providing us with this protection, large-scale vaccination sites have been set up. Here, doctors and nurses prick people of all ages every day. Score helps healthcare workers make this job more pleasant with the help of good ergonomic chairs.

Safe and comfortable working

Long days, monotonous actions and sometimes even the risk of contamination; the work of a vaccination employee is definitely not easy. That’s why a professional and safe set-up of your workplace is especially important. Our seating solutions make it possible to always approach and vaccinate your patient in a safe manner. In addition, you also prevent neck, shoulder and back complaints in the long term by naturally adopting an ergonomically good working posture. With our chairs for you as a vaccination employee and for your patient, we make the vaccination process safe and pleasant!