Ergonomic chairs and stools for dental workplaces

As an oral care professional, you often sit for long periods of time and you regularly have to twist yourself into awkward positions to do your job properly. A chair or saddle stool that supports you properly is really essential. But not every seating solution is up to the challenge!

Greater focus on the patient

Oral care is an industry in itself. Intensive treatments in which you, as an oral care professional, have to be extremely focused while sitting hunched over for long periods of time: it can happen here on a daily basis. No less than 70 per cent of oral care professionals regularly have back problems due to their work. You obviously don't want that. That's why we have developed ergonomic working and saddle chairs that helps you do your job properly. Even for longer periods in a row and even when you have to twist and turn in awkward positions. This way we ensure that you can do your work energetically and relaxed, with full focus on the patient.


Perfect support

Our ergonomic working chairs - and saddle chairs in particular - provide the right support for your body, making it easy to change positions or move around the workspace. To grab another instrument, for example, or to take a quickly look at an ultrasound picture. The antibacterial upholstery is made in such way that they repel moisture and is easy to clean. Even disinfectant cleaning agents are no problem at all. Because at Score, we think of everything. So you don't have to.


Ergonomic sitting for dentists and dental hygienists

From saddle stools with lumbar support to saddle chairs with armrest: we have an ergonomic stool for all your work. For example, we have developed the Ergo Support especially for microscopic work: a saddle chair with armrests, which you can easily turn away. In addition, you can also turn it against your stomach, which makes it easier to work close to your patient. Ideal for you to perform precision work during your dental work.

Within our range you will find, among other things, the Amazon saddle chair and the Jumper saddle chair. Both are very suitable for dentists, because they are easy to move back and forth. In addition, you take an open sitting position through the stool, so that you sit comfortably and ergonomically.


Find your dental sitting solution

Do you want to know which seating solution fits in your dental work environment? With our decision aid you can easily discover the chair or stool that suits you during your dental work.