Ergonomic mobility work chairs

Move around easily with our Score mobility work chairs. This comfortable and ergonomic chair is ideal for people who spend a lot of time sitting. Whether you're in the office, at home, or in a healthcare environment, this chair allows you to move around with the least amount of effort. This is due to the special smooth-running wheels. Perfect for people who have difficulty walking or suffer from muscle, joint or fatigue complaints. The ergonomic design ensures good posture. Are you looking for a seating solution that is not only comfortable, but also supports mobility? Then the Score ergonomic triple chair is for you!

What is a mobility chair?

The name already gives it away a bit: with a mobility work chair you can move around sitting by means of 'tripping'. You move yourself forward with small steps. This seating solution is specifically designed for people who do sedentary work. It combines the elements of an office chair with extra mobility. The most important part of a mobility work chair is the mechanism that allows you to roll with little effort. The Score mobility work chairs are equipped with smooth-running wheels and the frame offers extra space for your feet. This way, you can easily move back and forth without getting up.


Find the mobility work chair that's right for you!

Mobility work chairs come in different shapes and sizes. This way there is always a seating solution that suits you well.


Score Mobility work chair 2300

This mobility work chair is available with a fixed or adjustable seat angle. You can easily adjust the seat height from 39 to 48 centimeters. The footrest can be folded in and out and the armrests can also be easily adjusted to your posture. You can choose from three high-quality upholstery and no less than 27 colours!


Score Mobility work chair 2300 Artrodese

Do you have a long-term injury, a prosthesis or a plaster cast? With the Score mobility work chair 2300 Arthrodese you can easily get around! You can adjust the height of your thighs separately from each other. This way you always have exactly the support you need. The mobility work chair is available with a fixed and adjustable seat angle and is adjustable in height from 38 to 47 centimeters.


Score Mobility work chair 5000

Thanks to the synchro mechanism, this mobility work chair moves with you! This encourages an active sitting posture and promotes blood circulation. Furthermore, the seat height and (optional) armrests are adjustable and you can fold and unfold the footrest. You can choose from three types of upholstery and 27 colours.


Score Mobility work chair 5000 Artrodese

The Score mobility work chair 5000 Artrodese is wider than the 2300 Artrodese and is available in twelve colours Stamskin, nine colours Trevira and six colours Flex. Thanks to the ergonomic seat and independently adjustable leg heights, this triple chair always gives you the support you need. Whether you are suffering from an injury, recovering from hip or knee surgery or have chronic leg complaints.


Score Mobility work chair At Work

This mobility work chair is equipped with a contact mechanism, so that the backrest moves with you. In addition, you can adjust the position of the seat, footrest and armrests to your liking. The At Work Mobility work chair is available in two high-quality upholstery and 21 colours.


Score Mobility work chair 5100

With the Score Mobility work chair 5100, you can move effortlessly while sitting. The chair is equipped with synchromechanism, which makes you sit actively and thus stimulates blood circulation. The smooth-running wheels and the wide frame for plenty of legroom make tripping extra easy. You can completely customize the chair to your style. You can choose from 2 types of upholstery and 21 colours!

The Score Mobility work chair 5100 is available in the variants small, medium and large.


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