Ergonomic mobility work chairs

Getting around without putting in too much effort? You can! That is why we have developed the Score skip chair. A chair with the looks of a luxury office chair, especially for people with mobility problems or muscle, joint or fatigue complaints. Thanks to the extra-light wheels, you can move around with the least amount of effort, both at home and at the office.

Moving sitting down

The frame is shaped to provide extra space for your feet, allowing you to move around the room while sitting with small strides. The contact mechanism ensures that the backrest moves with you and you can also adjust the position of the seat, footrest and armrests to suit your body. The skip chair is available in two high-quality upholsteries and 22 colours. There is always a variant to suit you.

Find your ideal seating solution

Seating solutions come in all shapes and sizes! Check out our saddle chairs and office chairs here. Or maybe a standing seat will suit you much better! We are happy to help you find the right seating solution with our decision aid.