New! Adjustable lumbar support on the Score Balance stools

Adjustable lumbar support on the Score Balance stools

Score is launching a completely revolutionary way of dynamic sitting: The adjustable lumbar support for the Balance saddle stools and Medical stools! This innovation is based on valuable feedback from users like you.

"If you could just make that lumbar support adjustable, then that would be a fantastic chair for me!" Balancing something so seemingly simple turned out to require much more development work than expected. And we have now achieved that: Score Balance with fully adjustable lumbar support. So now we ask you, "Did we make it happen? Is this the fantastic chair you wanted?"

That's why you choose a Score Apical

Healthy Seat Comfort.Png
Dynamic sitting

The subtle adjustment with the adjustable lumbar support provides an extremely comfortable experience, ideal for dynamic sitting and working.

Healthy Sitting Posture Saddle Chair
Healthy sitting posture

The lumbar support is height and depth adjustable for perfect support of the spine and encourages an upright sitting posture.

Lever Height And Depth Adjustment Lumbar Support
Easy to operate

The lumbar support is very user-friendly and quickly adjustable, making it easy to share the Score Balance stools with colleagues.

Comfortable Upholstery
Score Design

The Balance Mechanism and this lumbar support have been designed and developed by our product developers and are exclusively available from Score.

Which Balance with adjustable lumbar support do you choose?

The fully adjustable lumbar support provides optimal back support and ensures that you can sit upright comfortably. Thanks to the simple adjustment mechanism, sharing the stool with colleagues is no longer a problem. This way everyone can enjoy ergonomic seating comfort. Do you choose the Score Amazone or Jumper saddle stool or do you go for the ergonomic Medical 6211 or 6311 stool?

Amazone Stamskin Dark Blue (Blue)

Amazone Balance Lumbar Support Stamskin

A narrower seat but just as much seating comfort as the Jumper. The Balance saddle stools move 360° subtly with you. Combine this with adjustable lumbar support and experience ultimate seating comfort.

Score Amazone Balance with lumbar support
Jumper Stamskin Capri Blue (Salmon)

Jumper Balance Lumbar Support Stamskin

The big brother of the Amazone with a wider seat so that your feet are slightly further apart. Upholstered in Stamskin, which is, among other things, resistant to urine, blood and mold. Easy to clean and therefore ideal for medical areas

Score Jumper Balance with lumbar support
Amazone Stamskin Seamless Forest Green (Blue)

Amazone Balance Lumbar Support Stamskin (seamless)

Equipped with a seamless Stamskin upholstery that is ideal for areas where high hygiene requirements are imposed.

Score Amazone Balance with lumbar support seamless upholstered
Jumper Stamskin Seamless Anthracite (Salmon)

Jumper Balance Lumbar Support Stamskin (seamless)

Extremely suitable for medical workplaces where high demands are placed on hygiene. The adjustable lumbar support is quickly and easily adjusted. Very useful if you share the stool with several colleagues.

Score Jumper Balance with lumbar support seamless upholstered
Medical 6211 Puxx Dark Blue (Blue)

Medical 6211 Balance

Equipped with a comfortable PUxx upholstered round seat. Do you have to deal with hygienic requirements? PUxx is very resistant to disinfectants such as chlorides and 70% alcohol.

Score Medical 6211 Balance
Medical 6311 Puxx Black (Salmon)

Medical 6311 Balance

With an ergoshape seat. If you sit on your stool for more than 10 minutes, choose a seat that is shaped. The sloping edges ensure that the blood circulation in your thighs is not restricted. No more trouble with sleeping legs!

Score Medical 6311 Balance

Sit down for a moment

Watch the videos below and in no time you will know how to sit healthily and comfortably! Watch the video on how to correctly set the adjustable lumbar support. This way, at the end of your working day, you will have enough energy left to do other fun things!

How do you adjust the Score Balance saddle stool with adjustable lumbar support?

How do you set up the Score Balance Medical with adjustable
lumbar support?

Read the brochure about the Balance with Adjustable Lumbar Support

Would you like to know all the details about the Score Balance with adjustable lumbar support? Which can! We have a handy brochure for you to view. Click on the link below to open the brochure.