Ergonomic chairs and stools for medical work areas

As an employee in a hospital or similar healthcare institution, you often spend a lot of working hours sitting down; whether you are a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, lab technician or front desk assistant. A chair that gives you the right support is therefore incredibly important.

Hygienic and manoeuvrable

Not every chair is suitable for the medical sector. We have developed various ergonomic seating solutions that meet high hygiene requirements, are compact and/or manoeuvrable when required, and also sit perfectly. So you can carry out your work relaxed and also have energy to do fun things.


Endless possibilities

There are also specific requirements for chairs in medical working environments. They also vary widely. After all, a waiting room chair is not a phlebotomy chair, and a chair for operating rooms looks different than a chair behind the counter. It has to suit the staff, but also certainly the patients and other visitors. Score therefore has a wide range of seating solutions for both hospitals and other medical environments that range from extremely comfortable to super practical. Our upholstery also ranges from aesthetic and trendy to antibacterial, fire-retardant and moisture-repellent. The possibilities are endless.

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