Ergonomic chairs and stools for education

It is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in education: the chairs on which teachers carry out their work. Even though you perform a large part of your work standing, you cannot escape the fact that you sometimes have to sit for long periods of time. So you'd better make sure you're sitting properly, right? Score helps you do just that.

Healthy sitting posture

If you sit properly, you keep on working longer. In the longer term, sitting with a good posture can prevent many physical complaints, but also during the day, because by sitting properly you give your body the space and relaxation it needs to breathe properly, allowing you to concentrate for longer.


Score moves with you

So there is no doubt that good sitting is important. Yet it is sometimes difficult to achieve. Unless, of course, you have a chair that moves with you and that you can easily adjust to your posture. And that’s why you choose Score. We have developed all kinds of office chairs especially for your work, so there is certainly one that suits you on all fronts.


Relax naturally

Or do you opt for the saddle chair? Because a saddle chair has a saddle-shaped seat, your back can relax naturally. For instance, during computer and desk work, but also during a lecture in class. This way of sitting is not only good for your breathing but also for your blood circulation and digestion.


Healthy living

Whichever chair or stool you choose: with a seating solution from Score, you sit more relaxed and your work takes less energy, allowing you to last longer and concentrate for longer. So you won't be passed out on the couch in the evening when you get home. Another way of working and living.