Ergonomic saddle chairs

Do you want to be sure you are sitting ergonomically, but still be able to work in a relaxed and dynamic way? Then an ergonomic saddle stool from Score is made for you. The Amazone, Jumper,  Jolly or the Polo: they all ensure that you sit actively and dynamically, making you more productive and creative during your work. We have them in all shapes and sizes!

Relax naturally and concentrate for longer

The saddle-shaped seat of our saddle stool, allows your back to relax naturally. This not only benefits your breathing, but also your circulation and digestion. Because a saddle stool allows you to change position quickly and easily, and because you sit more relaxed, your work requires less energy and you can keep it up for longer. So you can concentrate longer at work and enjoy your leisure time energetically afterwards. Another way of working and living.

Totally your style

With various expressive colours, durable upholstery and two different sizes, you will soon have the most stylish saddle stool in the office. Our saddle chairs are made of high-quality, strong materials that can take a beating and are easy to clean, making them ideal for industrial and medical workplaces

Find your ideal seating solution

Still doubting whether the saddle stool is the best fit for you? Check out our office chairs here. Or maybe the standing seat will suit you much better! In addition, we are happy to help you find the right seating solution with our decision aid.