Leg supports and arthrodese chairs

From a plaster leg to a knee injury, a stump to pelvic instability: our leg supports and Arthrodesis chairs will give you the relief you need, just when sitting is not natural for you!

Arthrodesis chairs

For people with a long-term injury or chronic condition to their legs, feet or knees, sitting is not so obvious. Certainly not for long periods of time, for example while working. Especially for them, we have designed the Score Arthrodesis chair: an ergonomically shaped chair whose seat can be adjusted to give your legs exactly the support they need.

Adjustable leg rests

The Score Arthrodesis seat features independently adjustable leg supports and thus ensures that the leg with movement restriction is supported at an ergonomically correct height. This makes the Arthrodesis chairs extremely suitable for people with a disability (prosthesis) or long-term injury.

Leg supports

But you can also choose a single or double leg support that stands freely in the room, so you can simply sit on your own desk chair with your legs raised while working. The Score single and double leg support can also be used very well in a medical environment to support the patient's leg during treatment.

Find your ideal seating solution

Still looking for a different seating solution? We are happy to help you find the right chair-on-stool with our decision aid. Perhaps a tripple chair suits you better or our saddle chairs or office chairs range offers the solution.