Phlebotomy chairs

Good blood collection chairs accomplish two things: they make the job easier for the nurse and ensure that the person undergoing blood collection feels comfortable. Our blood collection chairs always offer the perfect support. In addition, they are durable, antibacterial and moisture-repellent.

Our Vena® phlebotomy chairs are compact, strong and comfortable. This makes them suitable for both short and long-term blood draws. Whether it's a mobile blood bank, hospital, laboratory or GP practice: Score has practical and pleasant blood drawing chairs for every medical setting.

Different types of phlebotomy chairs

We want everyone to be in a good position, especially during blood draws. That is why we have developed various high-quality models.

The advantages of our phlebotomy chairs:

  1. Choice of different materials
  2. Adjustable armrests
  3. Trumpet glides or castors
  4. Height adjustable
  5. Available in various colours

In addition, there are models with extra conveniences, such as hydraulic control, tilting backrest, legrest and stand-up brackets. With the Trendelenburg position, the footrest rises simultaneously when the backrest is tilted backwards. You can then act quickly when a patient becomes unwell.


Easy to clean

You want to be able to clean a phlebotomy chair easily and thoroughly. After all, they are often used in a medical setting. Of course, Score's Vena® phlebotomy chairs meet all hygiene requirements. The material we use for the chairs is not only strong and hard-wearing, but also functional and practical. The upholstery is easy to clean, in many cases even with alcohol, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants. In addition, it is antibacterial, fire-retardant and moisture-repellent.


Score's medical seating solutions

In addition to phlebotomy chairs, we offer a whole range of seating solutions for the medical sector. Think of medical stools, saddle chairs, sit stand stools, mobility work chairs and work chairs.


Our entire assortment

Score has a wide range of ergonomic seating solutions for various industries. Whether you work in the office, in healthcare, as a dentist (assistant) or in industry. Our mission is to help you work healthily and comfortably. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, we make high-quality products that are perfectly tailored to the end user.

Want to know which seating solution suits you best? Then do the decision aid. You can also ask our experts for advice. Feel free to contact us!