Ergonomic chairs and stools for Cleanroom

The increasingly stringent quality requirements in many industries lead, among other things, to more stricter environmental requirements during your production activities. A controlled cleanroom environment in which you can do your work has therefore become increasingly important for many companies. For instance, a pharmaceutical cleanroom has to keep living organisms out and a cleanroom in the electronics industry is mainly meant to prevent dust particles from entering the components. Score's seating solutions help you meet the set regulations and requirements for your cleanroom working environment.

Maintaining a clean working environment

According to the NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 standard, a cleanroom is a space in which the concentration of airborne contaminants is limited to specified limits. Therefore you work in a very clean working environment. Our laboratory working chairs especially for cleanrooms are upholstered in a synthetic leather ESD seat and backrest. They are also equipped with a Hepa filter so that the air displaced is always filtered and no dust particles end up in the room when you sit or shift.


Ergonomic and safe

On our Cleanroom working chairs and stools, you can do your work in comfort and relaxation, because every seating solution can be adapted to your body. You also don't have to worry about damaging the electronically sensitive equipment you work with. All built-up static electricity caused by your movement is safely discharged via the conductive parts in the chair. Tis way you work healthily and safely.


Our lines

Do you prefer sitting on an ordinary laboratory office chair? Then the Ergo Line is ideal for you. Incidentally, it is also very suitable if you work with ESD-sensitive components. Built-up static electricity is safely discharged via the conductive component in the chair. Do you prefer to sit a bit higher? Then take a look at the higher versions of the Ergo Line: models 2302 and 2308. For half-sitting, half- standing workers, we have developed a Cleanroom version of our saddle chairs: the Score Jumper and the Score Amazone.