Ergonomic chairs and stools for the veterinarian

A vaccination for the dog, a spay in the cat, a rectal examination in the cow. The heavy physical work and irregular working hours demand a lot from a veterinarian physically and mentally. Besides often forcing yourself into unnatural positions for long periods of time, you also have to deal with biting and kicking animals. This makes ergonomically responsible working quite a challenge. A working chair that gives you the right support is therefore incredibly important.

Perfect support

A good working chair helps you perform your veterinary work. It helps you stay focused, even after hours of surgery and precision work in the same position. It supports you at the right points, preventing physical irritations, muscle strain and tiredness during your consultations and operations. You can easily adjust our working chairs and stools so that they optimally match you in terms of height, seat depth and healing angle.


Comfortable and practical

Score has a wide range of seating solutions that range from extremely comfortable to super practical. Our upholstery also ranges from aesthetic and trendy to antifungal, fire-retardant and moisture-repellent. The possibilities are endless. With us, you put together the working chair or stool that completely suits your body and your veterinary work.