Ergonomic stools

Looking for a stool that's easy to grab and just as quick to put away again? A stool that is easy to keep clean and never gets in the way in small spaces or aisles? That can only be one thing. Score's side chairs! Besides being practical and compact, it is also ergonomic, so you can always sit healthily.

Entirely to your liking

Super strong, made of high-quality materials and equipped with handy accessories and adjustment options. The Score Stools come in different shapes and sizes, with various seats and materials and, in certain versions, even in a range of colours to choose from. Designed entirely according to your wishes.

Find your ideal seating solution

From saddle chairs to office chairs and from tabourettes to triplet chairs. There are an awful lot of seating solutions that could suit you. Not sure which one yet? We will be happy to help you find the right seating solution with our decision aid.