An office chair or saddle chair: which seating solution do you choose?

If you want to work dynamically and spend a lot of time siting at a desk, the right seating solution is important. Naturally, you then wonder which working chair suits you best. Is it an office chair or a saddle chair? In this blog, we take you into the world of seating solutions so you know which ergonomic chair to choose. Read more here!

Advantages of an ergonomic office chair

The most well-known seating solution is an ergonomic office chair. With an office chair, it is important that the lower leg makes an angle of at least 90° in relation to the upper leg. This way, you avoid pinching off muscles and blood vessels, causing your legs to sleep. If your feet do not touch the floor, it is advisable to use a footrest. Score's office chairs can be adjusted completely and precisely to your body, so you can be sure you are sitting ergonomically.

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Advantages of a saddle chair

When you sit on a saddle chair, your posture tends to be more active than on an office chair. Your upper legs create an angle of about 135°. We call this position the open angle posture. This tilts your pelvis and promotes the natural S-curve in your spine. The shape automatically ensures that your back adopts a relaxed posture. This stimulates breathing, blood circulation and digestion. It is important to know, due to the higher seat, you can only use a saddle chair with a sit-stand desk or a work surface that is higher than average.

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Factors important for making the right choice

The most important thing is that you sit relaxed. A relaxed posture promotes productivity and job satisfaction. It also prevents physical complaints due to excessive muscle tension and strain on the same muscle groups. To prevent this, it is a good idea to regularly alternate between different seating solutions. It is also wise to choose a chair that suits your work and fits your body.

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