Maintenance and cleaning

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How to clean your chair or saddle stool

Cleaning your saddle chair or office chair is easy! In fact, you can do this with your normal household soaps. Avoid cleaning the materials with aggressive agents such as alcohol, chlorine, thinner, turpentine, benzene and similar substances. This affects your plastic parts and artificial leather, as these aggressive agents dissolve the plasticisers. As a result, the materials in your product lose their flexibility. Do you want to clean your chair or stool sterile? Ask us for a list of cleaning agents that are suitable for your product!

Cleaning Stamskin® materials

Stamskin is best cleaned with Stamskin cleaner. A mild soap that is free of acids, chlorides or alcohol is also perfect for cleaning your Stamskin material. Do not use washing-up liquid, as it does contain acids that can damage the fabric. You can simply apply your detergent solution and gently rub it in with a brush. After that wipe it clean and dry well with a dry cloth and your product will be fresh again!

Cleaning PUxx® materials

Our PUxx material is a PU-based vinyl, a form of plastic and often used as leatherette. The material is 100% waterproof and can withstand liquids such as urine and blood. It can take a lot! You can clean PUxx with many types of cleaning products and disinfect it with alcohol, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide solutions without any problems. Just make sure not to use solvents like acetone.

Cleaning the wheels

The wheels of your chair or stool quickly get dirty without you noticing. We therefore recommend regular cleaning. For this, cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. Do you want to clean them thoroughly? Then we recommend using a mild household soap and water. Do not use solvent- containing cleaning products. And while you're at it, take the floor with you! When cleaning the floor, we recommend not leaving the chair on the floor. Do not replace the chair until the wheels and floor have been cleaned and dried. This prevents dirt build-up on the wheels and floor.

Not quite sure which Score chair or stool you have or what material your product is made of? Check here how to find out.

How to maintain your chair or saddle chair

Keep enjoying your Score office chair or stool for longer by regularly maintaining it and checking it for wear and tear. You can do this yourself, but we recommend having it done by one of our Score professionals. They know all about our products and will help you quickly.