PUxx® and Stamskin® Top; when to choose which covering?

Stamskin® Top and PUxx® are two high-quality leather-look finishes that are widely used. Quality is always an important value for a Score stool and chair. For that reason, Score offers a choice of different artificial leather finishes. But when do you choose Stamskin® Top or PUxx®? We list the differences.

In workplaces where hygiene is important, such as hospitals and laboratories, a chair with fabric upholstery is of course not allowed. You can then choose a chair made of PU, wood or upholstered in imitation leather. An artificial leather chair made of Stamskin® Top or PUxx® is more comfortable and often also more attractive because you can choose from different colours.

PUxx®: for working environments where decontamination is important

PUxx® is a high-quality PU-based artificial leather. The great advantage of PUxx® is that you can clean it with most cleaning agents. Without any problems, PUxx® can be used in environments with high hygiene requirements. Cleaning and disinfecting agents based on chlorine, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are therefore not a problem. PU-based artificial leather feels less warm than PVC-based artificial leather. This makes it even more pleasant to work on a stool or chair of Score with PUxx® upholstery

Stamskin® Top: a real all-rounder

Stamskin® Top is a leading PVC-based artificial leather of very high quality. The Sanitized® processing protects Stamskin® Top against the formation of mould and algae, reduces dust mites, unpleasant odours and provides long-term material protection. The choice of many colours makes Stamskin® Top the ideal solution for areas frequented by consumers and patients.
Stamskin Top® can be cleaned in the same way as most surfaces: with water and a mild soap. Aggressive soaps such as washing-up liquids containing acids and cleaning agents based on chlorine and alcohol are therefore not suitable.

Score Saddle chairs from PUxx® and Stamskin® Top

Both PUxx® and Stamskin® are waterproof and resistant to body fluids such as blood and urine. Of course, you do need to remove blood and urine stains immediately. Does a work environment have heavier requirements for disinfection and cleaning and use heavier cleaning agents? Then PUxx® is the best choice.
Did you know that besides the PUxx® and Stamskin® Top saddle chairs, Score also has a seamlessly finished comfortable synthetic leather cleanroom saddle chair (Frauenhofer tested and certified) in its range?

Would you like to know more about our synthetic leather seating solution in Stamskin® or PUxx®? Contact Score and let us advise you on the right seating solutions for your working environment.